YouTube restrictions not working, she navigates there via the browser

Here’s the complicated-sounding setup that we have in place for our 9-year old daughter:

She has an iPad with bark installed, a computer with bark installed, and a google pixel 2 with bark installed. That last one doesn’t have phone capabilities, it just connects to WiFi (we call it the Spotify machine.)

She has the tendency to play on them until the battery runs out completely and then when it’s charged and powered back up again, I have to make sure she checks in every time and on every device that’s been restarted in order for the VPN to run.

I don’t have an issue with that in particular, because I have a reasonable understanding of how VPNs work, even though it’s annoying because she will take whichever device she’s on off the charger once it hits 15% and then run it out again, so we might do that dance several times a day.

My main problem is that I need real control over whether she has access to YouTube, because she’s basically addicted to it and since she’s severely ADHD she gets locked in. She’s a much easier kid to live with, and with a much cheerier disposition when her YouTube access is seriously restricted. Problem is, she’s really sharp, so she knows she can navigate via the browser, rather than using the YouTube app, and even though I have it marked as restricted in her dashboard, she’s able to access it on the Pixel 2. So far as I can tell, she’s not able to access it on the iPad, even via the browser.
Is this normal for Android, or have I messed up the settings, somehow? Will I have to restrict browser access entirely?

I read in another thread the suggestion of setting up each device as a separate kid, ie, IPad-BB, Pixel-BB, etc. Would that work for this problem? I might do that anyway, just to dial in the settings for each device a little tighter.

Any insights would be appreciated! Sorry I’m all tl;dr, quarantine has the talking all bottled up inside!

Hi, Jill! Thanks for reaching out. :slight_smile: Let’s see if I can help.

The iOS VPN should always stay enabled; you might double check the VPN settings in the iOS settings to ensure it is toggled on to stay connected. For your Android, depending on the model VPN disconnections may occur on reboot. Our team is happy to help and gather more details on your daughter’s device at

For my kids, it works for us to plug in all devices at bedtime to allow them to charge (and keep them out of their bedrooms). Perhaps this may be a helpful option to allow your daughter’s devices to fully recharge and be ready to play in the morning?

If you block on Bark screen time and the VPN is in place for iOS or Android, this will block both the website and app. While the app may still open, the internet connection will be blocked and videos will not load / play. Please see these steps for help with Bark’s screen time.

I will add that I personally “double up” on the device’s parental settings by utilizing both Bark’s settings AND the settings that come with our devices. You’ll find steps that will allow you to set those up and block YouTube (or limit the time) for iOS, Android, and computers here:

You don’t need to set the devices up as separate Bark kids unless you want separate “rules” applied to the iPad vs. the Pixel. In those cases, yes you’d be better off to create a “Kid iPad; Kid Android; Kid Chromebook” so that you could tailor the different rules for each.

I do hope that makes sense! And, I’m hanging in here quarantining with you, mama! Let me know how else I can help, or our official support team is at – email Thank you! :yellow_heart: