YouTube not opening

Hi! I’m trying to allow my son to have access to the you Tube app but he gets the following on screen message (see attached) and I’m also attaching a screenshot of my settings. What am I missing? !

Hi @dinkiesteach! Bark Community team member here … :wave: Sorry you’re having some trouble! Happy to help!

When SafeSearch is on in your screen time rules for a child or home profile, it helps filter out explicit (adult) content in that platform’s search results for all searches done for images, videos, and websites on Google, Bing, DuckDuckGo, and Youtube. It’s designed to help block explicit results, like pornography, from the search results. You might try sliding the YouTube Restricted Mode to OFF (bottom of your screenshot), to resolve your problem. Here’s more on Bark’s SafeSearch:

If this doesn’t resolve your issue, or if our support team can be of further assistance with any settings, please do reach out to them at or We’re here to help! :purple_heart:

Thank you. The issue is, it’s completely hiding the app. I can’t even open the app for a safe search. It’s wiped off his device. How do I uno lock that?

Hi there! I’m going to take a guess here that this is not because of Bark’s settings, however this is happening because of iOS Apple Screen Time settings. Can you check what age you have set in Content Restrictions? You can find this in:
iOS Settings >
Screen Time >
tap child’s profile >
Content & Privacy Restrictions >
Content Restrictions >
What age is set for Apps?

The YouTube app is rated age 17+ in the App Store. The age in settings would have to be set to at least 17+ to access this app. Any app not meeting these age requirements will disappear & be hidden from the iOS home screen.

I hope that helps! Let us know if you have any questions -

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