Yolo App Alert on Android Phone

We received a message yesterday that our son had installed the Yolo app on his Android phone and that this is a risky app for a 12 year old. We tried to search for the app on his phone, but we can’t find it. How do we find this app and delete it from an Android phone?

I found instructions for how to delete this “app,” which is actually an add-on to SnapChat: https://www.loginhit.com.ng/how-to-delete-yolo-account-cancel-profile/

The only problem is that when I follow these instructions, it looks like Yolo hasn’t been added into my son’s SnapChat app. I wonder if the alert was generated due to one of his friends using the app as part of comments on a SnapChat?

It could be possible that he installed it then deleted it so that it couldn’t be found. If it was from the Play Store, you can always login to his account to view what apps he has purchased on his account at:

Nope, we had a discussion with him about it and I believe it when he tells me that he didn’t install anything.

My son a few years ago had a secret app that acted as a folder to hide items like apps, videos and such it looked like a calculator and you entered a number combo on the calculator to open it.