Will Bark offer full monitoring on Instagram, TikTok, and Snapchat for iPhones in the near future?

That’s a fantastic question, and one that families and services like ours continue to ask in this ever-changing tech world. Because Apple has created products intended to be used within their Apple ecosystem as much as possible, in the name of security, they don’t collaborate with third parties at all, especially when it comes to monitoring.

Because of this enhanced security, Apple doesn’t let app developers design apps that can monitor what’s going on in an iPhone’s screen, like app developers can do on Android. This leads to monitoring texts and social media on iOS to be more of a challenge. While we’ve overcome the challenge of monitoring texts on iPhone, no service has yet been able to monitor TikTok direct messages, Snapchat direct messages, and Instagram direct messages on iOS devices.

We’re consistently and constantly reaching out these platforms directly, asking them to work with us to keep kids safe, but they haven’t been open to working with us just yet.

In the meantime, here’s what you can do to help that happen faster: Tweet them (“Hey @Instagram, please open your direct message API to the good guys at @joinbark so they can keep my children safer online!“) or message their support team directly from the app. (Click on your profile photo circle at the bottom right > Click the settings gear at the top right > Scroll down to “Report a problem” > Click “General Feedback” > Type in your request for Instagram to open up their Direct Messaging API to @Bark.us so we can keep your children safer online > Send).

Hopefully we can take away some of the burden by monitoring your child’s texts, other social media, and email. [http://help.bark.us/general/what-bark-monitors-on-the-different-platforms]