When did you get your kids a smartphone?

I’m debating which one to give my son … thanks!

“We watched Screenagers and participated in the discussion afterward with other parents and a moderator. We heeded their advice to get a phone based on need not as a milestone gift. We positioned the phone as ours and that she is allowed to use it if she follows the contract guidelines she signed. If she doesn’t follow, we get the phone back. If you give it as a gift, they consider it theirs and you have a tougher time with that argument.”

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Our daughter was 9, almost 10, when we purchased an iPhone for her use. We were also very clear that the phone belongs to ME, and I will ask for it at any time, where she will hand it over without question, and immediately. Before allowing her any access to the phone, we set it up with parental controls and monitoring. She is aware of our expectations, our rules, and that she is being monitored. So far, no issues! I do recommend, particularly for parents using iOS devices, reading up on the best ways to set up ScreenTime, controls, AppleID, etc. I do NOT recommend that parents allow children to use their AppleID. It leads to many issues down the line!


I did the exact same thing with my oldest daughter’s first electronics and I am now doing the same with my 9 year old’s. She just received an Android phone and the first app put on was Bark. But, she knows that when I ask for the phone, if she doesn’t have it over immediately, it’s gone. There are too many dangers in this modern technological world that we didn’t have to face as children. It’s scary but it’s good to know other parents are following the same sort of guidelines as me.