Whats Apps Should be Monitored

What apps am I looking monitor with my teens besides instagram, snap chat (but cant be monitored)tik tok, facebook, spotify? Am I missing anything??

Hi Gina ! Bark Community team member here … :wave: -So many apps, so little time to keep up, right? Hugs! :hugs:

Bark monitors 30+ of the most popular apps and social media platforms. This extensive list of all Bark monitors may help you compile a list of your own:

And Bark actually DOES monitor Snapchat private messages (text chat only) on Android through our Bark for Kids app. Unfortunately, there truly isn’t ANY third party that can monitor Snapchat on Apple devices. Snapchat doesn’t have its API (app programming interface) open to access the data/monitor minors, and Apple is designed to be super secure/private and also does not allow access to the data. :pensive: Rest assured, we’re always working to improve visibility for our iOS families!

You might also find it helpful that under Recent Activity in the Bark Dashboard, parents can view any newly downloaded apps, when they were downloaded, the appropriateness of the app by category, and whether or not the app can be monitored by Bark.

Reach out to our Support team if we can be of assistance with questions, device settings, etc. We’re here to help! :orange_heart: -bark.us/contact or help@bark.us

Every platform requires an email to sign up. I definitely recommend monitoring email accounts like Gmail or Outlook. Personally, we actually block email services and have our own through DreamHost, but we go the extra mile because our (foster) kids have been victimized in the past.