What to do when parents are in denial?

What do you do when a parent friend of yours is in total denial that grooming happens through many of these social media apps? I’ve been sharing about Bark and the experiences of many (including Jodie’s experiment on IG), and SOOOOO many of them think that the information is exaggerated or fabricated. Grooming is occurring in our school district, but so many parents say, “Wouldn’t happen to my kid.” It’s heartbreaking. How do we get parents to understand these risks, when they have never experienced them firsthand?

Ugh! This is so frustrating and heartbreaking, I know! I think all you can do is make them aware, share resources or our awesome parenting group, and hope it sinks in. At the end of the day, parents are going to parent how they want to. We can be there to offer support and guidance, but I realize there’s a fine line of not angering them or being too pushy.

We’ve been working on something that I’d love to come back here and share when it’s ready hopefully soon, that I think is a spot on resource for this topic! Stay tuned! It’s eye-opening for sure!

Lots of good articles on the Bark Blog:

And PediMom also covers this often as it is hugely important to her.

These are 2 of my quick favorite videos showing predators getting to teens on SM:


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Thanks, Jodie! It’s so frustrating. I literally shared your post about your experience, and had multiple people comment that it was “fabricated” to sell a product. I run an IG for my daughter, as she models and has several pageant titles, but she has no access at all to it. It’s shocking what occasionally I receive in her DMs, even though it’s clearly an adult-managed account.

I know, I saw those comments too and it really made me upset. Yes I was sharing what my company can do, because I use it for my own kids and believe in it, but more importantly the entire article was about what really happened!! Bark or not! I have been testing it further and following other verified accounts, such as National Geographic, NASA, Discovery Channel, etc. I STILL get the porn messages after each one. So it’s not just “athlete accounts” as some speculated. @Angela_Powell_Woulfe

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