What time do you shut down screentime at night for your teens?

I take phones up between 9-9:30 and plug them in to charge at a charging station next to my bed. I’m horrified by how many of my sons’ friends are up sending messages at all hours of the night. My oldest tells me he gets lonely and sad at night and wants to be able to talk to friends but that’s a non-starter. I’m using the same rules as when I was a kid - if it’s too late to call someone on the home phone, it’s too late to text them.

What time do you shut down the screens for your teens?

We do about the same- ours plug their devices in to our family charging station in the dining room downstairs before bedtime, which is typically about 8pm - 8:30 at the latest on a school night (later times depending on if we have later evening practices and activities). On weekend and summer nights it’s a little later depending on if we get to sleep in the next morning, maybe 10pm at the latest. :slight_smile:

We also lock phones at 9pm every night. Bedtime is around 10pm so we try to get at least an hour of no blue light activity before bedtime. I agree they shouldn’t be texting all hours.

I use Bark but also found that it works best with Android devices. On top of that I use Google Family Link which I can lock the entire phone (Except for emergency calls) so that they can’t use it for text. Not sure about iOS but there might be something similar you can find if you use an iPhone.

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