What monitoring apps do you recommend for a parent who is new to this?

I’ve had to install Bark on my kid’s phone after not monitoring her at all. A very scary incident happened which made me realize I have failed by not monitoring her. I want something that records all messages and phone calls. I still love bark for highlighting the issues, but need a record of ALL interactions through messages and phone calls.

Hello, Rebecca. So sorry to hear about this scary incident! I can only imagine how frightening that was. I’m not sure of anything that monitors phone calls; you should be able to get a call history by logging into your account on your cellular provider’s website; have you tried that?

I mostly need a record of her messages. Sometimes I can see small bits and pieces of things on Bark that concern me, but I cannot see the the whole conversation to gain context.

I understand. Hopefully, these tips will help so that you can perhaps try and have a conversation to better understand or gain insight into texts, or possibly have a look at your daughter’s device when needed to review:

I sincerely wish you all the best and hope you are able to find a solution that works for your family. As a mom of a teen & tween, I know it’s not easy! Hugs!

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What about manually spot checking her phone and going back to the conversation that you wanted to see based on the bark alert.

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