What is a good age to allow your child to have a YouTube channel?

My 12 year old son has been asking to have his own YouTube channel for quite a while. What do you think is a good age to allow children to do that?

Hi, Jennifer! It can definitely depend on your child (you know them best). Keep in mind YouTube’s terms state users must be 13. I wanted to share this guide and resource for families that I hope may have some YouTube safety tips for you! :slight_smile:

Thanks. I’d found that guide when I searched the discussion board for info about YouTube. I just wondered what age other parents are letting their kids start their own channel.

My son is also asking for the ability to post on YouTube. I haven’t let him yet, but he keeps bugging me and I want to give him some ability. Looks like the biggest risks are the comments sections and him giving away personally identifiable information.