What Is a Finsta? Decoding Teen Terms

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What is a Finsta? A Finsta is slang term for a fake Instagram account. Teens and tweens rampantly started making these accounts after older generations (and parents) joined their favorite social media platforms. Finstas have became a perfect venue for cyberbullying. They allow a person to hide their identity, as tracing an account back to its creator is very difficult without some serious sleuthing. Using Finstas therefore gives the perception of no accountability for one’s actions. Cyberbullies can simply create a fake account, troll their victims, not get caught, and keep trolling. It is no wonder why one in three teens will experience cyberbullying in their lives. With…


A finsta is a friend Instagram account, it’s like a group chat but you can post instead of having a text group chat with tons of messages

I gave my daughters phone a quick look over and I found her “finsta”. I found videos and photos which had vulgar language and inappropriate content. I’m disappointed, thanks for letting me know about this.

My 15 year old daughter has a finsta and it is just an account where she posts funny videos of her friends. Her account is private so only her friends can see them. Her account is totally fine and I have no idea what this article is talking about.