What all to disclose to child about how Bark works

Curious as to the groups recommendation on how much to disclose to your child about how Bark works. If they know about how it text mines…will they just discover new code words to use? Or do you keep it high level and not get into the specifics on how the app works?
My son is 12.

Thanks in advance!

Hi, Michele! Personally, I was open about how Bark will help to alert us only to potential issues that as a parent I need to know about to help keep you safer. We won’t see everything, so you get a bit of privacy-- we only see things that we may need to step in on and guide you on. You’re going to mess up, you’re growing, you’re learning-- it doesn’t mean you will always get in trouble, it just means we may have to have a talk about what’s appropriate. I let them know the broad things that are monitored-- text, browsing, social media, etc. but I didn’t tell them the break down of the features (AKA)= “only SnapChat text but not pics”, etc. so that they don’t get any ideas about “blindspots” to try and bypass.

Here’s an article that I hope helps to have this talk with your son:

And also some tips from our very own Bark mom & CMO/CPO, Titania Jordan. :yellow_heart:

Let me know if you have any questions! :slight_smile: - help@bark.us

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Perfect, thank you!!!

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It’s funny, my 12 year old and her friend know… every once in a while on their text they will throw a “trigger” word in and then say “hi Mom!” They catch on! But it doesn’t make it any less effective to me!

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@anikostamps That’s funny! My hubs is the one who does this in our family, because he likes to see how long before Mom comes a runnin’. Brats in my house! :wink:

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My Bark subscription came through our school district, so my kids were already more aware of what it did than I was.