Wattpad is it safe?

My daughter writes edits and reads on wattpad. How safe is it?

Hi, @Ai_Khanh_Nguyen_Cole! You might find this information for parents on Wattpad helpful:

I hope this helps some! :slight_smile:

Please be careful with Wattpad. We discovered a month ago that my daughter had gotten hooked up with one of the chat rooms they have on there and was targeted and exploited by men. The chat room lures them in and then these men begin talking to them and worse. I thought it was safe since my daughter too likes to read and write. After looking at the chat rooms Iā€™m disgusted and so mad at myself for not finding these before she did. Currently the SBI have located six different men who were reaching out to Girls including my daughter. I personally hate that site and wish there was something I could do to make them realize what people were doing through their site.

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