VPN and what is it?


I think my son told me a few times he cant access something on his phone because of VPN. What is this and was this installed on his phone when I installed the BARK app? I think it allows me to see what content he is looking at on his phone but I am just not sure how it go there. Can I still monitor his phone if the VPN is removed? Thanks

Good morning, Tina! Welcome and thanks for reaching out to Bark’s parenting community. :slight_smile: Happy to offer some insight! On iOS devices specifically, a VPN is installed / enabled when you install the Bark Kids iOS app. This feature allows Bark to enforce screen time and web filtering limits you have set in your account. It also allows Bark to communicate with your son’s device for location check-ins.

If something is blocked that you don’t want blocked, you can investigate by navigating to your Screen Time page on your dashboard. Then, click on the child’s name that is experiencing the block. Lastly, click on Recently blocked activity.

Here are more steps to review for troubleshooting and making adjustments to your parental controls.

iOS monitoring is independent of iOS parental controls with the Bark Kids app; iOS monitoring happens via computer backups. More info on how to monitor your son’s iOS texts, web browsing, emails, and social medias here.

If you have any further questions or need assistance, Bark’s support team is more than happy to further help you! Please reach support by emailing help@bark.us or visiting bark.us/contact any time. I do hope this helps! Thank you! :slight_smile:

This is very helpful thank you

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You’re welcome! To add clarity, I think I missed your last question. Yes, you can monitor his iPhone without the VPN installed.

Without the Bark Kids app / VPN, you would not be able to utilize screen time / web filtering / check-ins. If those are not a need for you, you technically do not need the Bark Kids app installed. :slight_smile:

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VPN stands for Virtual Private Network. It is a layer of security or encryption on your data. Most data on the internet is not protected or encrypted on http:\. https:\ is encrypted. the ‘s’ stands for Security. Installing a VPN add on encrypts your data on untrusted wifi networks. Hackers use packet sniffers to collect network traffic and then filter using keywords like username and password. Look into Warp and free VPN add on.

Here’s more information on why some VPNs are helpful and some are not. We also explain why Bark uses a VPN (helpful!) :smiley:

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