Using Bark to Reward and Discipline with Screen Time

I would love to use the app to reward my kids and use it as a disciplinary tool but there doesn’t seem to be an easy way to do this. Is anyone else doing this?

I would love a button that I could press that would Give them free time for a entered amount of minutes. So If I am rewarding them with more screen time then I can click free time for another 10 minutes and that would override the bedtime settings.

Conversely I like the Pause button but I wish I could designate when the pause ends. So I dont have to remember to go back in and unpause. So tell it pause for the next 30 minutes.

Curious to know what strategies everyone else is using if they are doing something similar?


Hi there! Bark parent to a tween and teen, and Bark’s community team lead here. Thanks for reaching out. :slight_smile: Personally, I find the instant pause / unpause internet activity per child quite handy and the easiest and most quickest solution for us.

To adjust any scheduling blocks to extend or shorten freetime or other rules, here’s how.

While there’s not any type of set “snooze” or additional time features for scheduling or pausing, our product team is always listening to parent feedback and continually working on updates and new features. We’ll be sure to submit your feedback. Thank you for giving insights, and for trusting Bark with your family’s online safety! :raised_hands: