Unknown number on “top contacts”

I just started with bark, and I received last weeks recap today. There is an unknown phone number in my daughters “top contacts”. I have scoured her phones text messages/recent and missed calls/contacts and can’t find anything. She has no idea what phone number it is and assured me she has no idea who it would be. No one else has had access to her phone. Has anyone else every experienced this? Short of calling the number myself (which I think is a bit overboard), what else can I do. My daughter has never been a liar and she’s only 10. I know it may sound naive of me to believe her, but I do.

I’d love your input/advice/thoughts. I guess I am just hoping this has happened to others so I shouldn’t be alarmed.

Thanks so much!

Hi, Jen. I’m not sure about Androids, but iPhones can have a column in the texts for “unknown Senders” where contacts who are not in your list go, sort of like a spam folder. It’s not always obvious. If you have this set up, it would be just above the top text message. Perhaps this may be it? The only other thing I could think is that texts or call history is being deleted (I understand you mention you think this is unlikely). I would maybe check your cellular bill to see if you can also locate the number on the call or text history there perhaps? I’ve always found our alerts and top contacts to be spot on with Bark’s report. If you have any questions, you can always reach Bark’s support via email to help@bark.us. :slight_smile: