Ultimate Back-to-School Guide for Parents

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Whether your child’s school is starting back full-time, part-time, online, or a combination of all three, your goal as a parent is still the same — to make sure they’re learning in the best and safest way possible. In this three-part back-to-school guide, you’ll find helpful tips for optimizing online safety, the best recommendations for distance learning laptops, and some of the best free educational resources to help make homework and studying a breeze. Online Safety Tune-up While your kids probably got a fair amount of screen time this summer (phones, tablets,…

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How do I check his text on a daily basis

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Hi Camon!

Great question! We do not provide access to all text messages, instead, Bark analyzes texts and will only alert you to content that may be concerning. If alerted, you will receive an image of the exact message or image that triggered to alert so that you can determine if action is needed!

Here is more on how to review alerts: https://help.bark.us/en/articles/411219-reviewing-potential-issues

If you have any questions or need any help please reach out to us at bark.us/contact - we’re always happy to help. :blue_heart:

I think distance learning would have more of a positive impact for students if it was more of a hands on approach and they could communicate verbally and socially via teacher/students during live stream as opposed to the variable restraints they have now. Communication is next to nil when they have to communicate only by messaging or email during school lessons. A more hands on approach especially with my child whom is transferring from Special Education to normal GED, where visualS are everything for his succession in Education.