Turning Off Wifi so Bark Doesn't Sync Every 6 hours

My daughter keeps turning her wifi on her phone off so that Bark doesn’t automatically backup and monitor her phone. Is there a way to FORCE wifi to stay connected on an iOS device? I’ve googled and can’t seem to figure out how to do that. If they can simply turn off wifi and all the monitoring is useless, I need a way to force the wifi to stay on.

Hi there, Danielle! Welcome. We monitor my kids’ iOS and other devices with Bark, and I am also with Bark’s Community team. :slight_smile: No, Apple does not offer a way to prevent a user changing WiFi connections. :confused: This would be a useful feature for parents, I agree. I’d suggest leaving this feedback for Apple asking them to add it to their parental restriction settings: Product Feedback - Apple

Bark does notify parents if Bark hasn’t received backup data or a connection in a while so that you have have a look to investigate why and address as needed. Perhaps letting your daughter know that by using Bark, this is a less invasive way for parents to keep an eye out for concerns while still giving her privacy. (Better than mom reading through each and every text, I’m sure she’d agree). https://www.bark.us/blog/talk-kids-bark/

You can also manually perform a Bark backup any time you’d like. Perhaps requiring that the be plugged in to charge via USB cable every night to the computer may help with this?

Alternatively, Androids do not require a desktop backup if this would be an alternative solution for your family.

I hope some of these tips help! I know firsthand this parenting thing is not for the faint of heart! :heart: - bark.us/contact