Top 10 Kid-Friendly TikTok Accounts

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Odds are, if you have a teen or tween, they’re really into TikTok and all of its dancing, pranking, stunts, and lipsyncing. And while there are potentially inappropriate videos for them to stumble upon, there’s also a lot of really entertaining, educational, and wholesome content, too — kind of like the entire internet! Fortunately, kid-friendly TikTok accounts exist! TikTok is super important for this younger generation, and the company has rolled out some hefty security measures for kids, like banning DMs for those under 16. So, if your kids are going to be on TikTok under your supervision (did…

This is a dangerous/slippery slope. It’s much easier as a parent to educate on the dangers of certain apps than to try and find ways to appease your children as their ‘buddy’ parent by trying to find the good in a bad app. It’s a bad app. Period, end of story. Can it be used for good? Sure, but that’s about as effective as telling your kids to hang out with drug dealers to learn how bad drugs are.

My point being, having immersed myself in TikTok for 3 months before deleting it, you say some very flat-out incorrect things and I need to set the record straight…

"while there are potentially inappropriate videos for them to stumble upon" - No, they don’t ‘stumble’ upon them, that’s the MAJORITY of the content. 9 out of 10 videos are of very inappropriate sexually suggestive or self-deprecating content.

"Fortunately, kid-friendly TikTok accounts exist!" - Not exactly. That’s like saying “a kid-friendly bar exists as long as you stay in the corner and avoid the smoking and alcohol”. Why go looking for diamonds in a hill of manure?

"TikTok is super important for this younger generation" An app has become an idol, and the parents who agree with this quote have simply given in. Do you realize there are hundreds of thousands of teenagers without TikTok, and guess what… they are experiencing life, have summer jobs, many friends, aren’t outsiders, have extra-curriculars, do well in school, enjoy life, etc etc.

There is a BIG difference between being scenario 1…
An obtuse parent and just saying ‘NO TIKTOK. GET OFF MY LAWN’ to your child, which yes, would likely just drive them further into their digital addiction, where they’d just hide it from you.

And scenario 2…
Actually teaching them how to get healthy dopamine releases through exercise, engaging with other people, getting outside, drawing/art, music and other natural hobbies. etc.

TikTok is just another way to numb out, just like binging Netflix, drinking alcohol, or becoming a drug addict. People who have studied addictions know what I am talking about. The new drug, pornography has he same effect. Hours and hours of screen time, diving into fantasy, escaping from reality. That’s all this is. Addiction - replacing the real with the unreal.

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