The new hot TikTok like app called Zynn

My son just asked to download the Zynn app. After a quick search, I found that Google removed it from the Play store today because it is using TikTok content. It’s also referred to as a pyramid scheme app because the users get paid with gift cards to bring on more users. We are Apple people so he can still download it. Will Apple follow suit? He’s looking for any way to make money so I know the cash rewards are the draw. Is there anything else to be watching out for?

Hi, Alicia! I don’t have any personal experience with this one, but was just reading this week about it:

Does he have any special talents or skills? If he’s 13+ I’ve seen some really random “gigs” on sites like or even ETSY. Or maybe he can do some good old fashioned door to door jobs like yardwork, pet sitting, etc. I’ve seen teens advertise on their local app and build a “network” for side jobs there. Best of luck!

I wanted to add I completely missed that you mention you have iOS devices. Do you already have “Ask to Buy” set up though Apple Family to protect unauthorized app purchases?

Bark will also show what apps your child has installed on his device in your parent dashboard.

You can use Bark’s restrictions to block or limit this website and app with these steps if needed.

I hope this helps! :slight_smile: