Thanks so much Bark

We are fairly new here and still figuring things out and still connecting devices, but already this app has made a difference. It identified some VERY inappropriate videos my nearly 12 year-old was watching on YouTube, mostly in the middle of the night. When I gently confronted her, she said she was relieved that I found out this way. She was losing sleep over the worry and anxiety, convinced she would be severely punished and terrified to tell me what she was doing. She was so relieved that she didn’t have to keep that secret and also shocked that she wasn’t going to be punished for making a mistake. She has been a completely different kid for the last week. She’s has also barely been on YouTube for the last week, and I haven’t gotten any alerts from Bark in a few days. The most recent alerts were innocent, and this allows me to keep tabs on who she is talking to. So far, Bark has delivered what it promised. Thanks Bark!

Hi there! So glad to hear our service is helping and providing insight for you! :yellow_heart: What a big burden that must be lifted from her shoulders-- that is so much stress for our littles to carry! Really glad you were able to have a talk with her. I’ve shared your feedback to our team- we really appreciate you taking the time to share, and also your support and trust! :raised_hands: If ever we can help, please don’t hesitate to reach us at

I also wanted to leave this Parent Response Toolkit that we’ve put together; we sincerely hope this helps your family!