Teen/tween suicide rates

"Can we talk about tween and teen suicide for a moment? I’m so saddened to learn about the recent death by suicide of a local high school cheerleader. She’s the second cheerleader who died this way at this particular high school — in 2018 alone. I know this is happening across the nation, based on our data at Bark. (Unfortunately, we send out a dozen imminent suicidal alerts each DAY, and we’ve had 36 parents write in to tell us that a Bark alert saved their child’s life.) But it really hits home when it happens in your backyard to people you know.

My heart is heavy today for these kids, but I’m also hopeful that together we can work to decrease the numbers of children struggling with depression, anxiety, and suicidal ideation.

Is this happening in the schools and communities you live in? How are your children dealing with it?"

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“Bark has been amazing. My daughter has a friend who is being bullied badly in school. This friend was told to kill herself, but she confided in my daughter via text, also pleading that my daughter not tell anyone how bad things were. Well, of course I got the alert and called the other mom right away. I can’t say for sure that Bark is the reason this little girl is still with us, but I’m so grateful for this service.”

:star: Original post here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/parentinggeeks/permalink/311747602788620/

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