Tech-less kids? Is that even possible?

"Does anyone here have kids that don’t have phones or gaming consoles? It seems like nothing good comes from kids having these things. My sons are 2 and 5. Am I naive to believe that if we just don’t give them phones or video games when they are older, our lives will be much easier?

I’m not an anti-technology prude, (they have tablets we use for watching movies on when we travel). But internet access and trying to monitor everything scares the crap out of me."

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“I think it depends on the kid and the parents’ intentionality behind it. At some point, you WILL need to allow your kids to have a phone because they will have to learn how to navigate this world of easy-access-to-everything world. I’d much rather have it done under my roof than when my son goes off to college with no foundation of safe and appropriate use and appreciation for the tools in his hand.”

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New to connect so late to respond to your message. But wanted to share that my kids (10, 7, 5, 1, 1) do not have phones or gaming systems. When they were your kids ages, iPad use only when we took long trips. They all share an iPad at home now for FaceTime with relatives. And school related apps. That is presenting a problem now because of the age differences and need for different monitoring levels. Kids get plenty of tech in school. I hope we can hold out on the phone until high school. You are not alone in your desire to limit tech! I hear ya!


Thank you so much for sharing your experience! 5 kids - awesome!

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