Switching phones

Hey there. My kiddo just went from an Android to an iPhone with the same number and of course her device isn’t recognized. How do I add the iPhone to our account and delete the android without starting a new account??

Hi @emailfordes! Bark team here … :wave: … Welcome to the community! Happy to help! Due to Apple restrictions (which prevent Bark from monitoring the device or iCloud directly), we monitor iOS devices via automatic, wireless backups to your PC or Mac.

To monitor your child’s iOS device, download and install Bark’s Desktop program to your PC or Mac and follow the listed steps for daily automatic wireless backups. To put parental controls on your child’s iOS device, you’ll need to install the Bark Kids iOS companion app onto your child’s iOS device for screen time and web filtering.

You can follow these instructions for deleting the Android phone.

And because we monitor different platforms for different devices, I’m also including our detailed list of what Bark monitors for your reference.

If you have any questions or need any help with your install/setup, please message our support team directly via email at help@bark.us or bark.us/contact. We’re here for you! :orange_heart:

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