SWAG? Is there an alternate meaning?

This may be a strange conversation, but it is sparked by Bark’s very informative e-mails which enlightened me on the many “alternate” meanings behind emojis, acronyms, and cliches.

So, my son truly likes a shirt with just a hat, bowtie, sunglasses, and the word SWAG. Are we still at the point where SWAG is “stuff we all get” or has that changed? I am now the most scepticle person when looking at something and wondering whether it means what it used to. I am also not normally a sass shirt person, and I just want to make sure there is not some new twisted meaning of SWAG that I am missing. LOL. Feeling like an old momma! :slight_smile: Thank you for your insight.

Hey Cheryl! I would say that the SWAG on his shirt would be referencing swagger or swag for short; especially with the description of the bowtie, sunglasses and hat. It’s a pretty harmless word.

In case you run into any more slang terms you might be a bit confused on, please be sure to check out our teen slang guide for new/obscure slang words that have become popular! :blush:

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I know it’s a little late, but when in doubt I always rely on UbanDictionary.com. Just be aware that that site is NOT filtered, so if you type in something, you will get the full UNFILTERED meaning. Though in this case, I think the Bark Team-Member was right on.

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