Streaming Services - Parental Controls?

I’m curious what experiences folks have had with parental controls on streaming services, particularly cable replacements like YouTube TV, Hulu + Live TV, Fubo, etc. We are looking for one with the ability to lock content by rating and that keeps track of what is being watched.

We have had some success, but nothing that has fully met our needs. Sling TV allows content locking by rating, but too much content in not rated. You can lock NR content, but then too much content is locked, like sporting events. Sling also does not retain data on what is watched. YouTube TV allows filtering by content, but the filter can be toggled off easily by any user. They make deleting viewing history very easy. Netflix allows locking of content by rating, but again, viewing history is easily deleted. They do have a nice additional feature that allows parents to block specific titles regardless of rating.

Curious to see what experiences others have had and what met your needs.

Hello, Adam! Welcome. What you’ve noticed is exactly what we’ve noticed - that streaming services are weak when it comes to parental controls. Apple TV is pretty decent, as explained here, along with others:

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