Spouse, kids say no more Bark

I am a fan of Bark. Installed it on my 14 & 16 year old son’s phones last year. A month ago my spouse told me to remove the Bark app from their phones. I refused. Since then my sons refuse to upgrade their app. Is there anything I can do other than turn off their phones?

Hi there, Anne! I’m part of Bark’s Community Team. Thanks so much for your support. We’re glad to help parents whenever we can!

I image this situation is pretty frustrating for you. Are your kids using iOS devices? If so, you can update the Bark Desktop App used to monitor iOS devices when needed from your computer. Here’s how: Update the Bark Desktop App – Bark

If your kids have Android devices, you’ll need to have a hold of their phones to update when needed. Here’s how to do that: Updating the Bark for Kids App on Android – Bark

Let us know how we can support you. We are always happy to help! :green_heart:
Reach out any time for assistance at help@bark.us