Special Needs children and adults

I think Bark is a great tool for families with a member with special needs. Whether child, teen or even adult, individuals on the autism spectrum as well as those with intellectual disabilities are at an extreme risk of being a victim of cyberbullying, crimes, viewing adult content and more. Just this week I saw an ad for a social networking site for this population and the first thing I thought of was how predatory these individuals may be at further risk for. If you have a family member with special needs, I would love your feedback.

Welcome, Lisa! You make some excellent points; thanks so much for bringing up this topic. I personally do not have any immediate relatives with special needs, but I do in my extended family and I can absolutely see how social media especially and navigating online is a concern. Great topic for thought and discussion. :slight_smile:


Thanks for the feedback! One of my daughters had learning disabilities and isn’t as savvy as some of her friend with social issues. I’ve also worked with individuals w/ special needs for over 25 years. I do a lot of consulting and IEP advocacy with parents and technology addiction is a challenge for many. I figured others might be struggling so figured I’d post.


Thank you so much for highlighting this group of individuals who are at a greater risk for encountering dangers online.


My son has autism and I fear the creepy outside world. We just signed up today but I will be monitoring.


Hi there! You will definitely find Bark helpful. One of the challenges is that we know that technology is a tremendous asset to Individuals with Autism from text to talk, educational apps and more. However since the same individuals are so vulnerable to potential abuse they more than ever need the highest amount of safety. Depending on age, you may want to consider wearable tech especially if there is any history of elopement. Having gps can be critical. Welcome and feel free to share any questions

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