Social Media Documentary Film - appropriate for 14 year-old?

Hello, I have not watched the Social Media Dangers Documentary yet but I have seen the trailer and would like to get some input from other parents. Bark has been extremely helpful in having great discussions with our son about technology and the powers of social media. I was wondering about other parents take on the movie and if their children have seen it with them. I certainly know that I need to watch it first and determine for my own child if it is appropriate. Just wanted to reach out to the community first.

Hi, Donna! Although it is not rated, I’d say (personally) it’s ok for 13 and up. Below 13 (tween-age) may be a gray area, just depending on what you feel is appropriate for your son. I have an 11 & a 14y/o; my 14 yes, my 11 hasn’t seen it yet. I think he could, but I dread anything that seems to chip away at their innocence. I’m working up to it! (Don’t we mamas just want to shield them from all of the evil?!) sigh

I went through and time-stamped topics if this helps you to get an idea of what to expect, or what to skip to (or over). Let us know how else we can help!

I had my 11/14 year old a watch it with my husband and I as a family (he’s almost 12). There were definitely some awkward moments and both my kids are boys, so I stepped out for a moment during some porn discussion (photos were blurred but titles were not). I do think it opens up important conversation and as awkward as it is, they are hearing it elsewhere. I did recommend it to a few others that felt it was too mature for their kids. So it may be best to watch it solo first. I had to choke back tears in the suicide sections but my husband and I both felt it was a good choice to have all of us watch it.

@Jodie Thanks for that helpful run down of the Childhood 2.0 documentary. Timestamps are a parent’s lifesaver!
I think the OP (@Donna_Drapeau) may have been asking about the other film recently aired on Netflix - the Social Dilemma. I haven’t had a chance to view it yet, but I did read a helpful review of the film over at Protect Young Eyes. Here is the link: