Social media contributing to FOMO (fear of missing out)

"Just some food for thought…I just wanted to share this little gem of what happened this morning. I have a 13 y/o daughter.
A. Guess who hung out yesterday?
Me. Who?
A. Jane, Dick, Tom & Harry! (said in a very disappointing tone - you know, like she didn’t get invited to the party)
Me. Really? Well that’s cool.
A. (Silence)

I could tell her heart was breaking because she was not invited. I tried to explain there’s a million reasons and situations that could’ve happened to allow this group to hang w/o her - and honestly who cares - if they didn’t document it on social media she never would’ve even known. But, kids this age can’t think logically past their feelings at this age.

I tried to make light of it - I told her she was still just as loved by them today as she was yesterday despite not hanging out with them, but I feel so bad for our kids today. THIS is what is causing our kids anxiety and low self-esteem. THIS RIGHT HERE! I feel like we are all out there looking for ‘code words’ and mean posts, etc.
This was a post no parent would’ve thought of as offensive or hurtful - yet it was.

When our kids watch everyone’s lives on social media it’s like not being invited to the party EVERY. DAY. It’s hurting our kids so I urge us all to really think about how much usage we are allowing our kids - not just because of predators and foul language and take the opportunity to engage your kids in conversation about the posts they are seeing."

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" Social media amplifies things like this. But it’s okay she didn’t get invited. It’s also okay if she doesn’t invite someone. I had a long conversation with my 11yo about this:
It’s okay to not like everyone. Its okay for people not to like you. It’s okay to like someone and they not like you back. It’s okay for someone to like you and you not to like them back. Sometimes people just don’t click, and that’s okay. It’s also okay to be upset. But its not okay to feel like you are something less because someone doesn’t see you as the shinning star you are. You’ll find your friends, and when you do, it will be worth it. Keep your chin up and put on some gangsta rap and we’ll get through it.

Just this past 4th of July a bunch of people I knew had a party and didn’t invite me to it. I found out because of FB. I told my daughter I wasn’t invited. She asked if I was sad, I said nope! Because my real friends would have invited me. Some people we call our friends are really just our acquaintances."

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