"Social Dilemma" Challenges My View

I am interested in what other parents think after watching “Social Dilemma”. What I have learned from the Bark community, is that educating our children so that they can make responsible decisions is the best way to go. I have been trying to teach my daughter how to use technology safely. After watching this documentary, this plan seems flawed and oversimplified. It seems to be leaving out the external influence of the platforms themselves. What stuck out most to me was that most of the interviewee’s do not allow their children to use those platforms at all. Also, that they themselves were still victims to the platforms even with the knowledge of the system. I would really love to hear thoughts that everyone has on this.

Our kids are all so different. I will just share our experience with you. When I saw clips of the documentary on you tube because our family does not have Netflix, it answered a lot of the things that I saw happen with my oldest but couldn’t find a way to explain or understand what I saw/experienced. How they likened it to an addiction opened my eyes and put an understanding to what had transpired. My daughter got technology at 16. She WAS the most confident kid, great grades, self-assured, and a creative person. She wrote a teen dystopian novel at age 14/15. She made jewelry that you would buy in the store. She loved on our foster kids like she was a blood sibling. Yet after she got on FB and Instagram she was, and to this day still is, an addict. Not understanding that this was an addiction, in response to her always being on her phone, we shut off her internet while at the house. (We dont have great cell reception at the house either so wifi was the key to her getting her fix. Her response was to just never be here and always be out at a friends house. She began despising family dinner when cell phones had to be put away and she was super moody and anxious when she was home.
My middle child can be this way but she and my youngest are more self-aware. They do not fight as much with us about the usage limits and have more open conversations regarding technology. My son doesn’t have any social media and doesn’t want it. However, this is because our church uses the BAND app to share events and for the kids to connect with each other. It also has a feature similar to FB where there are groups and a stream to share memes and such. He actually prefers this because he gets to be with just his friends without other influences, ads or just trash coming into the stream!
My best advice to you would be if you see your kid acting like an addict there might be good reason for more than just conversations but therapy or some kind of intervention. Re-wiring the brain is a serious problem.

@jtmabpark Welcome to the community! You are exactly right, technology can become an addiction. I can relate to what you are experiencing with your oldest, so you are not alone! That’s why we’re all here - so Welcome! :smiley:

I just watched https://www.thesocialdilemma.com/ on Netflix with my 15 year old son this week. I’ve had a career in technology for 30+ years so i knew 90% of what the movie discussed, HOWEVER

  1. Having these extremely intelligent , high level, people confirm some of my fears, really shook me

  2. the other 10% i didn’t know really terrified me. I honestly felt like throwing up and crying at the same time because I have no idea how this problem can be fixed. other than widespread AWARENESS and legislation to oversee social media. (kind of the same way TV and Radio is)

  3. most of the movie went over the head of my 15 year old. He overall had the “this doesn’t affect me” attitude. My wife and i both discussed the 10,000 view with him the next day, but i don’t know if it sunk in at all.

***I totally understand the “this doesn’t affect me” attitude, because since I work in technology i look at computers as TOOLS, where most people don’t… so while I am directly not influenced by the algorithm, all the people that are (which the number is growing daily) are INDIRECTLY affecting us all. (which hindsight makes sense)

How many people on this planet in 2020 were influenced by news that was “tailored” to them?

I believe every single thing said in that movie was 100% true. there wasn’t much opinion, was just straight facts.

I think everyone on this planet with a computer or smart phone needs to watch and understand this movie. not everyone will 100% understand , but that’s ok.