Snapchat account impersonating my child

So it has come to my daughters attention that there is a snap chat account created by an unknown person impersonating her. Using her first and last name as well as her cell phone number. She only became aware when close friends kept inquiring about “her” Snapchat. She’s not allowed at this time to have an account and I am not on Snapchat either. Does anyone have any recommendations or suggestions on how we can determine who has created this account pretending to be her, and how I can have it removed? Or even if there’s legal avenues I can take? It’s quite disturbing that someone impersonating her could possibly be inappropriate or even cyber bullying her or others without us or others ever knowing who’s really behind the account. Please help!!

I hate to go “nuclear” but your best bet is to call the police. They will have the best tools at their disposal for handling it within the community.


Sounds like you has a Snapchat and doesn’t want to admit it to you. I dig just a little before contacting the police. In the meantime I’d hold onto her phone to see if any one posts. If they do while she doesn’t have it then I’d definitely go to the police. Could be her friends too


Yep I’ve already investigated that bc that was my first thought…that she had done it behind my back. But after having some others already on Snapchat look into it, it does appear that it was created by a 3rd party. And obviously is fairly easy to set up an account being someone else…all you have to do is know the cell number and/or email address or use any one of your own. Of course, friends know each other’s cell numbers and email addresses… after discussion with Bark support I think I’ll create my own snapchat account and do my own digging (when I have her phone in hand and when I dont) so I can be sure what’s going on. Then if I do find out that it’s a 3rd party and who that is, I believe I will make my way to the PD. Stay tuned.


I would report the account to SnapChat if you’re sure it is a fake:

But also, if it’s tied to her phone number, I wonder if you could try to log in and choose “forgot password”; the password reset may send to the phone number, enabling you to then log in, change password, and deactivate the account? Worth a shot?


Also think of her email address. She should change her password. After that if you need, go ahead and reset the snapchat password and delete account. Make sure to report to snapchat too.


Same exact thing happened to my 15 yo but we think it was her friend and are pretending to be her. She made mistake of giving “close” friends her password. She reached out to Snapchat service and no reply.

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Your child is the only one able to setup an account with her phone number, as she needs phone number verification. I hate to break it to you, but that is your child’s snapchat account.

I’d like to hear…what happened?

i agree with Piero. Please update on the situation.

If someone else did create the Snapchat account and it’s pointed to the actual phone number. you can do a forgot password and change the password to lock the bad person out. However don’t forget to change the email address also i the Snapchat dashboard, because you can reset the password using phone OR email.

Hi I’m reading these comments and my child just switched from android to iPhone. Snapchat can not be monitored on an iphone???

Hi there! I’m with Bark’s community team and a mom of 2; happy to offer insight here. :slight_smile: As many parents know, Snapchat makes it extremely difficult to monitor its content on any platform. Currently, no other monitoring service can cover Snapchat on iOS devices. Bark is currently able to monitor SnapChat DM text on Android.

We also offer our Bark screen time & web filtering, which would allow parents to restrict the use of SnapChat on iOS and Android devices. These parental controls come with your Bark monitoring subscription, or we also offer our screen time & web filtering service (Bark Jr.) as a standalone service.

Here’s how you can help with SnapChat monitoring. You can tweet them:
“Hey @snapchat & @snapchatsupport, please open your direct message API to the good guys at @barktechco so they can keep my children safer online!”

You can also message them at > “I have feedback” > “I have a suggestion” > “Other features” > “My issue is not listed” > (Need help with something else?) > “Yes” > (Complete the form): “Please open your direct message API to the good guys at so they can keep my children safer online!”

Alternatively, devices provide parental settings and restrictions built in and free of charge so that parents can choose what you allow your children to access. Here’s how to set those up:
We do monitor texts, web browsing, camera roll, emails, and these other social platforms to help you out:

Please message us any time with questions at We are here for you! Thank you!

Would love an update as well. When I signed up for Snapchat it sent a text to my phone with a code that I then had to enter for verification that it was really my number. So I don’t see how someone else could be using her number. Her name sure, but her number? Not likely.

I found this thread because the same thing is happening with my daughter’s number. No, it’s not a profile that was created behind my back. I’ve done all the digging, my daughter doesn’t get that kind of privacy and up until a month ago, she didn’t even have a phone that would support social media apps.
ANYWAY, a friend of mine had my daughter’s phone number AND name show up in her Snapchat contacts. However, the user name is brane_666.
I selected “forgot password” and changed the password using my daughter’s phone number. But when I tried to login with the username (brane_666) and the new password, it triggered a security check to verify the login with the email address on file (none of ours). So, essentially, they use the number but a different email and can still have access. How can I report this account, without having to create a Snapchat account?

Hi there! Bark Community team member here! You can reach out to Snapchat support without creating a Snapchat account if you think someone is using your daughter’s info to create fake profiles. Follow this link [ Snapchat Support ], select “Someone is using my phone number or email address,” then fill out your contact info.

I did that. Unfortunately, you have to have the email associated with the account in order to complete the fields required to submit the complaint.
When I was asked to verify the login with the email on file (when I tried to login with the new password), it showed only a partial email so unfortunately, I cannot even use that when submitting the complaint…

I’m sorry you are having trouble with Snapchat! I’m sure it’s so frustrating. You could try DMing Snapchat’s support team on Twitter: Hope this helps!