Should phones be taken up during class?

“Any high school teachers in the group? Do y’all take up the phones at the beginning of class. Since this is such a common problem (kids being on their phones) in school why is something not being done about it? And does anyone know How can service can be turned off during certain timeframes?”

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" To answer “does anyone know How can service can be turned off during certain timeframes?” … Smartphones have free parental controls available that will accomplish this.

With iOS 12’s Screen Time (iPhone 5S and up), you can turn off everything EXCEPT the Phone App. Or, you can choose what to allow- say for instance, your child’s teacher asks them to do work or use a school app- you can allow the Phone, (School App), and Browser. You can block Browser sites you don’t want them misusing (Youtube .com, etc.) OR you can Whitelist ONLY Websites allowed for school if you know the frequently used school websites they use in class- you can allow only those sites. Here’s how to set up iOS Screen Time:

For Androids, Google Family Link is offered for free. You can turn off all apps as well, or toggle on and off what apps you want used. While it is not as granular, and if you want some apps available (for school purposes) but not all, you’d need to manually go in (daily) and toggle which you want available. Then when they get home you’d need to toggle the rest on if you like. While tedious, it does work. The same with websites- you can block some, or choose to only allow certain ones (for school purposes if that is your situation).

We use iOS Screen Time for our iPhones and Google Family Link for our Android tablets because both are free. I’ve also heard others really like Our Pact, Boomerang, ScreenTime Labs, and quite a few others for Androids.

There are ways to do this- it just requires some steps on the parents’ part to put them in place. Also, here is a free tool for parent settings on most all of your devices to set parental settings and help keep your children safer:

I hope this helps someone! :)"

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About half of the teachers at my son’s high school have a place for the students to “park” their cell phones when they come into the classroom. I agree it can be a real distraction if they keep them. Have you see the experiment done by one teacher that had her students leave their phones on with the volume turned up and then document every time they received a notification?

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Wow that is crazy! I can’t even imagine how distracting that must be for kids.

What’s crazy to me is that kids are all in classes since it is the school day, which means all incoming notifications they are receiving is from another kid who is in class and distracted.

Thanks for sharing, Amanda

One of my son’s teachers has a “charging station” kids dock their phones in to charge when they walk into the classroom. It’s a win-win, because kids get a charge, and the teacher also gives them 5 bonus points for the day for docking their phones; the class is more distraction free. I think this is a great idea!