Should I get my 6th grader a phone?

“Hi All, my rising 6th grader does not have a phone yet and says that almost everyone has a cell phone by 6th grade. I must admit that this summer, for the first time, it really DOES seem true that almost everyone her age has a phone so she might be right. Can anyone tell me their sense, even a guess, of the percentage of 6th graders with phones… ? Or even 7th or 8th grades if you know that instead? Or when you got your kid a phone. I would like to hold off for many reasons, but also don’t want to make my kid a social outlier… thanks in advance.”

“Always said I’d wait until 7th, but caved in 6th. Ended up loving being able to talk or text her when she is hanging out with friends. NO social media as of yet.”

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My daughter is in 6th this year, but got a phone in late 4th grade. It’s true - at least in our district - that most 6th graders have phones now. Parental involvement/monitoring seems to vary widely, but the phones are definitely in the hands of most 6th graders.


I wasn’t a big fan of giving phones to my kids this early, but once they started playing sports at school, it became a need. We manage their screen time carefully and try to keep an eye on what they are doing with Apple Screen Time / Google Family Link and Bark.