Setting up Bark

New to Bark. Do I install the app on both my phone and my sons iPad? I have an 8 year old and mostly I would like to keep an on YouTube. What is the best way to set up monitoring?

Hello and welcome, @Lynda! I am happy to give you more information on monitoring your son’s iPad. :slight_smile: For monitoring iOS, Apple’s strict security prevents Bark from monitoring the device or iCloud directly; Bark monitors the text, web browsing, Notes, & camera roll data from wireless backups you create to your PC or Mac, using our installed Bark desktop program (recommended daily). Here are those steps:

You will need your child’s device in hand to physically connect to your PC/Mac for the initial set up, along with any login credentials for their email & social media accounts:

After that, backups happen automatically & wirelessly about every 6 hours when your child’s device is home and on the same WiFi network as your powered on PC/Mac with the Bark desktop program running (recommended daily).

You can manage your account and review alerts via the Bark website at, the Bark for Parents Google Play app if you are an Android user, or the Bark Connect iOS app if you have an iPhone.

Here is a list of all that Bark monitors:

I hope this helps! Bark support can be reached by emailing any time.

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