Seeking recommendations - Trying to completely block iPhone/iPad usage between certain hours

So our teenager has been using her phone all hours of the night. Bark has helped because it timestamps everything, which is great. Normally we have the kids bring their devices to our room at bedtime, which worked until now.
Does anyone know a method/app to restrict usage of the phone. I would like to shut everything down between certain hours, except maybe to allow her to make an emergency phone call to us or 911, etc. I read about teenager’s father who created an app that would essentially shut down the phone/lock access to it somehow, all because his teenage daughter wouldn’t respond to any of his texts. He’s a genius! Is there something like that available?

Hi there! Did you know Bark offers internet instant pause, bedtime schedule, and traffic filtering and blocking? Here’s more info!

In addition to Bark’s features, I’d also suggest implementing iOS Screen Time as an additional layer for limiting calls, non-internet apps and features, etc.:

I do hope these help! We use both on our kids’ iOS devices to do all that you’ve mentioned. :slight_smile: You can always reach Bark’s official support team at or by emailing any time. Thank you!

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iPhone has a feature called screen time. We shut our kids down at certain hours. It’s in settings and you control it from your phone, not the kids.


This is really easy on iPhone Screen Time. Check in your settings feature. We limit how much time on various apps, how much time throughout the day and during “shut down” periods are still able to have our kids text and phone a limited number of people - for us it’s just family during downtime.

I agree; set Screen Time restrictions on their iPhones from your device. You can control what they have access to during that time. I also set time limits on my kids phones (6-8 hrs) so it restricts their access once they’ve used all their daily time.

If your iPhone actually has a SIM, Bark/Screen Time are your best options. If you (like me) haven’t let your child use the iPhone as an actual phone (no SIM) you can also use something like an eero router, which allows you to set access times for a profile you set up for your child that will turn off access on a daily schedule. A profile can contain multiple devices and can also be setup with additional filtering. I’ve got one setup that shuts off her iPad and iPhone, plus it will turn off the Alexa and AppleTV at night.

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