Screen time on AppleWatch?

“My son is going to get an Apple Watch (it is not the cellular Watch). How does that work with screen time on his iphone. When I limit on phone does that do both phone/watch? Can you get Apple Watch apps without me giving permission like I do on iPhone? How does bark work with Apple Watch?”

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“There’s not much to do except text and call on an Apple Watch (that I’ve found so far) that a kid would be happy to do. Im able to read the news, my physical activity, get notifications but it’s not like an iPhone in terms of playing games or social media. At least as far as I’ve figured out”

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I agree…there isn’t much to do on an Apple Watch even WHEN it has cellular! He might be able to access music, but that should not circumvent the phone. It’s still using the phone to access the data through the app.

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