Screen Time for Kids Might Not Be Such a Bad Thing

"I’m not sharing this to be contrary. I just want to offer another perspective. We see so many stories and articles about how screen time is destroying our kids, but I think we need to remember that the screen is not intrinsically evil. We should absolutely monitor our kids and do all we can to keep them SAFE. But the world our children are growing up in is soooooo different than the one I grew up in. It’s tough y’all.

The crux of it is that each of us is just doing the best we can and our families all have different things that work for us. I question my parenting every single day, not just because of screens but everything!

So, I just wanted to share to say that for all the dangers and bad news about technology, there’s good too. And if we are cautious, intentional, work WITH our kids, and help each other, maybe we can make the best of it."

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“My husband was a CIO by age 34 and he is passionate about his job and technology in general. When he accepted his award this year for being GA’s CIO of the year, he thanked his parents for allowing him the freedom to pursue his passion at a young age. He was never into sports or history, but technology is his “thing”. It’s a balancing act to make sure our kids are safe on the internet today, but it’s very important to us to give them access to this skillset.”

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