School time rules

My daughter has an iPhone XS and Bark is installed and active. I have set up the school time rules but want to know if she can text or call during that time. I didn’t see either of those options in the filter or exceptions lists and I do want her to be able to call/text if needed during the school days. Can anyone tell me this? Thanks!

Hi there, and welcome! Bark’s web filtering allows you to limit or restrict websites and web-based apps – basically, it filters internet traffic. This does not include cellular calls and SMS texts because those are from the cellular provider & connection (not internet based), however some iMessage features that use internet may be filtered / limited.

For restricting Texts & calls, you can pair Apple’s Screen Time Communication Limits to help with limiting this activity:

I do hope this helps! Please feel free to reach Bark’s technical support team any time with questions or feedback. They’re always glad to help! -

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