Rules not working

Hello… my daughter has an Android phone. First, I am getting daily alerts (usually multiple times per day) that the VPN is not working. Also, rules are not being applied to Snapchat. For example, bedtime rules are set for 9pm, but I received Snapchat alerts at 10:30. Please help!

Hi there! Bark mom and community team mate here; happy to offer insight. :slight_smile: The VPN on the Bark for Kids app is what filters the internet traffic to apply your internet rules; if the VPN is not connected, then your bedtime and other rules wouldn’t be applied. This may be the reason SnapChat is accessible during bedtime. Please see these steps for VPN and Android Screen Time trouble.

Our technical support team would love to have a deeper look into your setup to best help. You may reach them any time at for best assistance with this! Thank you! I do hope this helps! :slight_smile:

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