Rules for a tablet?

Advice / Ideas needed: I broke down and did the inevitable, and got my kids a tablet. I would like to come up with a set of rules and guidelines around it’s use. The kids are ages 5-10. My initial thoughts were around earning minutes by making good choices / doing chores. Then they can “redeem” those earned minutes after all “rules” are met (i.e. homework done, book read, room picked up and/or maybe a random chore completed). Does anyone already have a system in place that works well that you would be willing to share? An explanation would be great, and a visual to leverage would be even better! =D

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" From one parent to another: educate yourself on the trending apps kids desire. Whether it’s TikTok, WhatsApp, etc. Look at the Bark blog to see which apps would be considered risky. If your children do any sort of gaming (fortnite) they may desire to watch gamers streams of playing those games on YouTube or other forums. Decide before giving to them what will or won’t be allowed. Obviously because it’s a shared tablet, the rules may different for the 10 yr old than what they may be for the 5 yr old. I’m sure this is all stuff you have thought about already, but just wanted to encourage you. I gave my children a phone only knowing about the OurPact app and not aware of how pertinent it was. Also educate yourself on the signs of tech addiction. It’s amazing how quickly it can happen even WITH parents being diligent.

To answer your question though, there are no devices prior to school and after school only after they have done their chore and finished homework. We don’t allow them to earn extra time as the time allotment we have given them is 2 hours. If they don’t use all of their allotted time for the week, there is a reward involved."

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