Question re: blocked account notifications

For the past few days I have received notifications from Bark that has been blocked from my daughter’s devices (thank you @bark). I checked her histories, emails, messages, etc. and see no reason to believe she tried to access the site. However, according to Bark, the site is being blocked dozens of times per hour, even through the night while she sleeps.

Any thoughts how/why this is happening is appreciated.

Hello, Todd! Thanks for reaching out. I can certainly understand how this can be a concern! A couple of thoughts:

You can see which apps are installed on your daughter’s devices from within your parent dashboard at

Sometimes, it may not necessarily be that your child is trying to access a site or app; many apps or websites run in the background, “pinging” or pulling ads, popups, redirects, etc. Perhaps this is the result of another app’s background activities calling to that site or a popup even while the device is not in use by your daughter?

I’m including this help article that also goes a bit more in depth on blocked sites and other information:

Bark’s friendly support team may be able to have a more in depth look into your account, alerts, and activities if you’d please email or visit for further assistance. Thank you so much!

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Thank you Jodie. I appreciate the insight.