Pros and Cons of a Nintendo Switch?

"Okay question… since I’m here. I know NOTHING about video games or gaming systems. My son could easily become addicted to video games as he barely plays minecraft and still talks about it all of the time.

But, he’s begging for a Nintendo Switch. Please give me the pros and cons of him having a gaming system. Does it have access online? Games…are they downloaded onto the device? How easy is it for a parent to have some sort of oversight of what they’re playing?

Please help."

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"We are a Nintendo family. We have two Switches, and one of our kids plans on buying the mini later this year.

It does have good parental controls, but what works for our family is time limits. They’re allowed to play for an hour a day, then they’re done. Occasionally we give them more time, but they can’t just turn it on and play whenever they want."

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