Problem with Avast Stealth Browsing


My son has installed Avast anti-virus on his PC at my urging. What I wasn’t ready for was the fact that Avast has a “Stealth” private browsing mode that comes with Avast’s own Chrome clone “Avast browser”.

My son’s diminished Chrome account use suggests he’s using this new browser, potentially in an attempt to mask his internet browsing.

Can you tell me if Bark will monitor this? It seems to catch all his incognito activity, but what about Avast stealth browsing?


Hi there! I am with the Bark team and happy to help. :slight_smile: On desktop computers, Bark is able to monitor the browsing activity that happens on both Chrome and Edge desktop browsing with the installed Bark for Chrome Extension. Other browsers are not able to be monitored by Bark. Perhaps an alternative would be to use Microsoft’s built in security?

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