Private google searches

Is Bark able to view private google searches ? Can it catch that stuff ? I think this is the way around bark ugh !! HELP!!

Hi Kelly! Great question! We’re here to help you!

On iOS, Bark is able to monitor Chrome browsing. This does not include activities in Incognito mode, due to iOS’s strict data privacy. iOS Screen Time parent restrictions apply within the Chrome Mobile browser; it’s a good idea to set up web restrictions to help your child browse as safely as possible!

On Androids, Bark is able to monitor web browsing including Incognito browsing.

On computers, we monitor web browsing on Chrome — including website visits, searches, and incognito browsing — when you install the Bark extension for the Google Chrome browser on your child’s Chromebook, Mac, or Windows computer.

Here’s some additional information on What we monitor on Mac, PC, and Chromebook:

Please reach out to us at if you have any additional questions! We are here for you! :nerd_face:

Go Android!!! I can’t stress this enough. Our child had an Iphone for a while…we were in touch with Bark support constantly trying our best to perform the simplest of monitoring tasks. We got her a new Motorola phone (love it) for Christmas, and EVERYTHING became so much easier. If you want to simplify life, get your child an Android phone…they are cheaper, they work wonderfully, and Bark works effortlessly!