Phone rules for a 14 year old?

"Our 14 year old is about to get his first “device.” It’s an old iPhone 4 that doesn’t have cell service and will just be connected to WiFi when at home (it will only be for home use to start with). It will not have Safari, YouTube, or any social media. It will charge in our room at night and only be used in common areas of the house. It’s basically just going to be for email/iMessage/FaceTime with family and friends. I’m a little overwhelmed with where to start with everything. From my little research, I think we’ll be getting Bark. What else would you say are your top three tips/advice? What rules and/or safeguards did y’all put it place right from the beginning? (Or wish you would have?) Thanks!!

Update - it’s actually an iPhone 5s, with iOS version 12. My mistake!"

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Hi, Jade! I use Bark for my guys, and I also work for Bark, too! iPhone 4 is an older iOS; is it iOS 9 the highest supported I think? Bark is compatible with iOS 10 and up.

"You should still be able to set up parent restrictions in Settings > General > Restrictions. Make sure you do NOT forget the Restrictions Passcode! If you do, the phone has to be erased.

You might also be interested in discussing a family tech contract / agreement! :slight_smile:…/tech-accountability-create…/

I hope this helps some"

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