Phone locked but shouldn't be

It’s the holiday week and I turned off all the screentime restrictions but my daughter still cannot use her phone. Ideas why?

Hi there! Thanks for reaching out to Bark’s Parenting Community. For Bark screentime settings, changes can take a few minutes to sync. Please see this information and more steps to try here:

For more assistance after trying those steps in the article, please do reach Bark’s support team directly at Thank you!

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I had this happen. I had to upgrade my bark app on my cell from App Store. I may have had to delete the app and load it again from the App Store. Next, I deleted the kids bark app off her decide and reinstalled it. Logged in to my app, then her app. It worked. It was almost 10 days before I figured these simple steps out. My kid was not happy, but good lesson on how to keep yourself busy without an iPad! Hope this helps!

Hi Kathi! Bark Community team member here … :wave: - We’re sorry to hear you had some trouble but so glad you were able to update your app and get everything running smoothly again! It’s always a good idea to ensure you have the latest version! :star_struck:

As a Bark parent you receive unlimited support, so please do reach out to us anytime you need us. We’re here to help! :orange_heart: or