Pause button? Help

What exactly does the “Pause” button do? Also, I have it set to block all social media right now, but she is still able to get into her accounts. Is it supposed to keep her from going on it?

Hi Stacy! Bark Community team member here … :wave: Happy to help explain! When you pause or use one of our scheduling slots to restrict access to apps/websites, all internet activity will be suspended to the device and/or selected apps/websites and the device will be unable to connect to retrieve new data for those apps/sites. Your child will still have access to the app/site, but unable to post, search, or update the feed.

With our on-the-go controls for mobile devices, this includes BOTH WiFi and Cellular activity. For our in-home controls, this applies to devices connected to your home network. Here’s more about our screen time and web filtering tool:

And more on setting multiple schedules, blocking apps, filtering web browsing, and adjusting rules:

If you need any help, our support team is standing by to assist you! Reach out anytime to or We’re here for you! :purple_heart:

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