Parents beware- Among Us

The Game Among Us is a threat!
We found my daughter on the game chatting explicitly with strangers!
Parents beware!

I agree. We just discovered this game and its abilities. I was shocked at the names the kids are using. My son is 15 and will be deleting it.

Hi there! Thanks for making other parents aware of the chat feature in Among Us. Here’s also a great write up from our friends at Protect Young Eyes detailing this and other information for parents regarding Among Us. :slight_smile:

Don’t forget that Bark’s web filtering & limits can also help with restricting access to the App Store and this app on iOS and Android devices! :wink:

I do hope this helps! -


Hi there, the problem with the game is that it is rated for 9+ so it beat that filter.

Are you referring to Bark’s web filtering? If so, it is not age based. :slight_smile: You can restrict access to websites and web-based apps by categories (gaming, social media, etc.) or by individually blacklisting websites / web-apps!

iOS Screen Time & Android’s Google Family Link allows you to block access to apps via age ratings.

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Hello! Like all digital places that start small and become more popular, they always (yes always) evolve toward problematic behavior. Chat content always eventually evolves toward horrible language. It’s human nature, and my guess is that we will begin to see a few news stories come out soon related to predators and Among Us. We’ve recently adjusted our PYE write-up to note these truths. Everything that has been shared here it true. My daughter (15) has seen the names and sees the language. We have not removed the game from her yet. But each family must decide what’s best based on the risks.


Chris, thanks always for your helpful and thoughtful PYE content! :raised_hands:

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I found my daughter talking to someone across the country too from Among Us just this weekend! Thank you for bringing this up!

Yep one name that came up was totally inappropriate

Does Bark monitor that chat interactions within the Among Us app?

Hi there, Michael! Here’s a detailed list of all that Bark is able to monitor on the different platforms / devices:

Because Among Us Chats are “in game chats” and their API is not open to be monitored, Bark is not able to monitor Among Us at this time. Here’s additional information on Among Us and how to game safely!