Parental control manually disabled/enabled

Continuously seeing this and my child is stating not doing anything. Is he logging the vpn off and on? if so, is there is there anything i can do so that it no longer gets disabled?

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Hi @vj0415! Mom and Bark Community team member here … :wave: … I know how frustrating it can be to stay one step ahead of keeping our kids safer online! Happy to offer insight on Bark’s VPN! The “Key” icon lets you know that the Bark VPN has been installed, and should remain in place. The “Device Protection Changed” alerts that you are receiving can vary; each alert should have specific reasons as to why this may happen and links to click for help and steps.

If it’s intentionally being disabled, it will clearly specify that the VPN was 100% manually disabled in the body of the alert. In these cases- in the VPN device settings (Settings > Network > VPN), there is an option to set it to ‘Connect on Demand’ (iOS) or “Always On” (Android) so if the device is turned off or the VPN is toggled off - it will automatically re-connect. However, neither Apple Screen Time nor Google Family Link gives an option to lock down the VPN settings on the device itself to prevent the VPN from being accessed.

Other similar alerts deemed as “Device Protection Changed” are not specifically related to the VPN being intentionally disabled and can happen due to device settings, even while the device is not in your child’s possession. The device can be powered off or in Bedtime/downtime for a long period of time; some Androids force battery optimization settings; some may have a task killer; so please do click on the help links in your alert to get more information. Any of these alerts likely require attention to ensure Bark is working properly on the device. Here are a few troubleshooting steps that may help resolve any issues:

*Please also note that Bark doesn’t need a VPN for content monitoring, but does need a VPN to enforce web filtering (at and away from home) on Android and iOS devices. The VPN is separate from the monitoring function of Bark, so if you see this alert, please know that monitoring should still be working. :facepunch:

In case it helps, we always encourage our families to open up a dialogue about using Bark (or any parental controls), and discussing your family’s technology guidelines and expectations. Click here for a technology contract that you might find useful.

Regardless of the alert, Bark’s Support team is always happy to offer more information and insight. You can connect with them at or visit We’re here for you! :orange_heart:

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I get these, too. Check with support, but my daughter’s keeps giving this alert because it’s an older iPod that can’t get the latest iOS version. They said there’s nothing I can do, and they can’t stop sending the alerts. :frowning:

Hi, Laurie! This alert can have different descriptions with the alert / different reasons.

1. What iOS version is your child’s iPod running?

2. What exactly does the text body of your alert say?